Please can you introduce yourself and explain your role within Learning Design and how long you have been working for the company?

I’m Becky and I’m an Instructional Designer, coming from an educational background and the independent learning sector. I have a variety of knowledge from creating engaging solutions for different clients to creating visually exciting graphics.

I’ve been working for the company since September 2018 and I’ve worked on a variety of different projects since working for Resource Group. I design, plan and build learning material that is hosted on the LMS for a wide range of clients. I have also  recently upgraded the branding for the book covers of our Part-66 training notes.

Have you always had a background in Learning Design?

I’ve been in the eLearning industry for 5 years. However, I originally come from an art background, graduating in Decorative Arts with first class honours at Nottingham Trent University. However, I find it useful as there is a variety of transferable skills I can use within the department.

Is there a project you have or currently working on that you really enjoy?

I have worked closely with the Apprentice Centre and created a piece of Gamified learning with a new blended learning approach. It was designed to up skill engineers who work within an aircraft hangar by educating them on equipment and correct storage procedures. This learning helps reduce the time away from the workplace by using technology to enhance classroom-based training.

The program is easy to use and understandable”. ”We have had a very positive response from our students, and plan to convert some of our other learning into this interactive learning platform”.

Do you think COVID-19 will have an impact on Learning Design?

Globally everyone has been affected by this pandemic and Learning Design is no exception. However, I think this will strengthen the way we deliver our eLearning and develop more engaging materials as more and more people are working from home remotely. In a short space of time, companies have had to adapt and change their approach in the way they work in their own industry. I think we will come out stronger and more robust from this situation.

How effective is gamification within eLearning?

Using online learning in gamification can do wonders for user engagement. The best games let participants make choices that influence outcomes. Putting the learner in control of the journey for example, using branching scenarios. These can be a powerful way to build engagement. The most engaging games quickly show the consequences of your actions. Make a move and you soon know if it was a good one or if you need to take a different approach next time. The ways that a feedback cycle can be implemented are limited only by your imagination.

Gamification can be applied for most learning needs. Gamification can be used to fulfill most learning needs including induction, product sales, customer support, soft-skills and compliance.

Additionally, it provides an effective, informal learning environment, and helps learners practice real life situations and challenges in a safe environment. This leads to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates a better knowledge retention.

People love games but remember that gamification isn’t just making something fun. Instead it’s about incentivising people to engage and actively participate in your learning to drive a behaviour change.


Instructional Designer